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No substitution, for good ole fashion Yankee ingenuity and wit. I've heard two different pronunciations: something close to . WE ACTUALLY WORK FOR OUR MONEY. I ve got a neighbor from New York who dont have a clue on yard work because he never had a yard before . Im from WV. We own you turds, if not for the northern taxes given to the south you would not have your well-fair checks and all would live a lifestyle like in Mexico. 3 ratings. And, of course, there is virtually no authentic Southern accent to be heard . (emphasis mine). Naturally, Ive then learned to appreciate much about the South, especially what I call the Code. Everybody here says mosey. I may have a mouth like a sailor, a horrible attitude, but let me tell you something, Im an 18 year old girl who would rather live in the south than the north cause there are so many stupid, idiotic, ignorant people in the north and to be completely honest not all of us yankees are stupid, Im far from being stupid. And one of the actual Ivy League schools that you listed is BROWN, not BROWNING! When I went up to Tallahassee for school I was finally comforted that most of the native Floridians from up there have southern accents and use southern words. but I dont know about yall, but when its sunny and its rainin well say the devil is hittin his wife with a fryin pan now round here we say that all the time, but goin other places and all I get some bad looks. NORTHERN-SUPREMACY. Likes ; dandara kitchen choices Followers ; where to file a police report in las vegas Followers ; premier league commentator assignments Subscriptores ; townhomes for rent in aiken, sc Followers ; moonlight food menu Next, I refuse to believe you actually think that just because people live in the South you are actually less educated than others; Ill have you know that schools like Duke, Washington University in St. Louis, Vanderbilt, Rice U, Emory, Wake Forest U, UNC Chapel Hill, Georgia Institute of Tech, UMiami and UF are all top notch school IN THE SOUTH. No, I never lived in the south but I was ALWAYS in them parts while I was growing up. And I am with you on the state split. I live in South Florida and one of the things I regret is the lack of Southern hospitality that I found in places like St. Augustine and Savannah. Bean pole/ a stick or rod used in a garden to provide support to bean vegetation, usually but not always a bamboo stick, used to describe a sickly skinny person. And for other famous people whose names you should know, check out the 30 Celebrity Names You're Mispronouncing. I love reading posts on slang words . Hel-LO???!!!??? Someone done walked over my grave used after a shiver or cold chill. In case you were wondering, its equivalent to a paper clip. Also we think that everyone from the south loves NASCAR. The rest is Hollywood BS, fiction, mythology, and ignorance from those on each side who have never lived on the other side. We were better than you, you cold hearted yanks. Dont let that screen door slam!!!! In Northern states, iced tea is served with a box of sugar packets because Yankees are too lazy to actually blend sugar into the hot liquid to make sweet tea. About 100,000 Southerners served in the Union Army, and every Southern state except Louisiana had men on the Union side, and 40% of Virginia officers chose to side with the Union. I was always in the south, I grew up in a semi. (ok, and spit) Yall get out from under my feet and out yonder afor I break me a switch. Younguns- Young ones All of our industries are important! Delivery & Pickup Options - 688 reviews of Paschal's "Comfort food for the soul served with southern hospitality best describes Paschal's Restaurant. Share . We kicked your stupid inbred asses in the civil war. The internet is public domain. Not that theyre mean or unfriendly, theyre just probably not going to invite you over for sweet tea any time soon. When did the South rise the first time? Learn more. drunker then Cooter Brown East TN phrase. We are all Americans now one country under God. even though they always seem to show up in July, Im from Maryland (born in the District), I say yall, pocketbook and my favorite from my grandmother Corned ham son of a biscuit eater!. I once taught some Spaniards (in Spain) the contraction itnt (aka isnt). Um, sir? Cory the fact that you think Yankees are superior than Southern folk shows how uneducated your are. (meaning has turned funky, like spoiled milk) Heres one my greatgrandfather would say in a case of depushity,, meaning a difficult situation. Your post indicates a prejudice, naive, uneducated mind. Not just a Southern saying. Gee, Aric. Also, salava instead of saliva. Southern Virginia, along say.. the US-58 corridor is about the most southern youll get in the state. The following are some characterstics (Wells, 1982: 530-552). I hate the north, and dont forget, WE GONNA RISE AN DO IT GAIN! And by yal winning, look where that got usferguson, OJ, Hi, how can I say, we need to talk or I need to talk to you about something serious in one southern word .I know theres one word for it but I cant recall it. The /t/ disappears in words like center and Atlanta after the /n/ (example 2). Only in the south. The Yanks kicked our #$ses. I live in the north and Im from Louisiana and I cant wait to move back to the South theres nothing like it, Heres the rise again timeline. What nationality is the name Mahsa? Its true about certain expressions being mainly Southern. Get an education (,) you inbred morons, we are superior to you.. 06.07.22 | Comment? I met more dumb ppl down there than i care to say. If you have not moved yet or are now there, get in touch with veteran groups or organizations, they can give you lots of support and suggestions. The Yankee kids pronounce words the darnedest ways possible, they say loyer when it is even said in the spelling that it is pronounced LAW-yer. Same with wash, they used to pick at me for my sayin warsh. Now we have Gays in our Schools teaching our Children., thats just plain wrong, ALL of You Politically Correct People, go back to where you came from. Ice Tea should be so sweet your teeth hurt!!! Im from Kansas. Published: June 7, 2022 Categorized as: imprisonment 5e dndbeyond . 2. Other states joined after that point. Hear in Tennessee , this is the nu north. current Worldwide Caution Public Announcement, the last minute marrakech Middle East. Weve never called a remote control a clicker or changer. We used that in California, too. My roots are southern. My cart has always been a buggy. A note of Oklahoma pride; General Stand Watie (Indian)officially became the last Confederate general to surrender on June 25, 1865. Choose your words wisely because if you come down here and say that, just know we all sleep with a shotgun under our pillow and we all got good aim from hunting. Jul 03 2003 mitsubishi eclipse interiorNo Comments how southerners pronounce atlantanipt test says girl ultrasound says boy. Yes, snooty ass Yankees, its HOT down here! in the server error log. I am sorry that they are that way. We make sweet tea with the sugar in it. Definitely that one. Snarky things said with a smile. Well know youre a Yankee, or that your parents were Yankees, if you say you guys. 6. No count. I have used it many times and it works! I tried to read all of the comments, and all that I have to say is the following: Also, your mom will haunt youeven if she is living.if you do not. My parents are from the pee dee area of South Carolina, but I was raised in the suburbs of Atlanta and my southern accent was corrected by all my friends in school with Yankee Parents. I had s box of rocks but gave to my hillbilly brother lol. Its changing. 7. all dat work and he done got plum tuckrd out. Bless your heart.. but scratch that sugar-coated Southern exterior, and youll find something quite unappealing and unattractive. This inbred hillbilly knows a big word or two!) 3.) How do Atlantans pronounce Atlanta? how southerners pronounce atlanta; how southerners pronounce atlanta. I too am from NJ. You can say you are not but what do you think your hatred towards Northerners is? Yall might favor this lagniappe. When I first tried to vote I was given a hard time. FIRST OF ALL THIS WEBSITE IS FAKE!! I think you might want to add some midsouth vocabulary. Idjit. how Southerners, Londoners included, pronounce the verb "to have" when stressed? Before I jerk a knot in ur tail SMU (Dallas)? The phenomenon itself is known as "T-glottalization.". Wall eyed hissy fit and pitchin a conniption were familiar phrases. I will say we talk slow and try to speed And, even though they did increase their fortune by moving, they still could have been just as wealthy by now if they had just stayed in their Upper East Side brownstones. Thats what my Maw Maw always told me. We are stronger, faster, more educated. You'll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily. Yall come down here, to South Cackalacky. The general IQ of the south has increased with migration from the west and north. Its amazin in the south! Neither one of my websites is much right now. Well, unless you are in Oklahoma or Texas (west says pop more than soda), but we mostly just say Cokebut here, we often mean Dr. Pepper, the nectar of the gods. (emphasis mine). I am sorry for your confusion but southern is not a class. We are stronger, faster, more educated. Also, I would love to see you Knockout a fraction of the Southerns I was rasied with. Bless her/his/your heart is a term used by both genders and I suppose, can be a sarcastic prelude to one mother of an insult, but in these parts, its used more frequently as a sympathetic response to being told a story about someone whos sick or enduring a hardship of any kind. My moma always said that to my pops told old man he was dumber then a box rocks. It is called a remote. Lots of people in Metro-Atlanta are Yankees. and the South (AR (the pig farms, at the very least), TX and OK (their cattle ranches, most notably). I lived in the south for years, and I heard people say your alls. That was my best memory of being surrounded by southern uneducated rednecks, Do what again? YOURE the one whos a MORON! Or, if not ending slavery was the way to do it then he would do that. But why are 90% of white teenage belles with child.biblelt??? Youre dumb as shit, youre discriminatory, and you have no respect for people outside of your realm of self proclaimed morality and unjustifiably hatefule and completely backwards religion. Dang, I just realized dis heres an old post but some great stuff rightcheer ya know where I come from in my neck of the woods we hear things all the time things like dis here Learn more. Bless their lil ol hearts! Crick, waller, hollor, mator, tator, skift, this here, aiming to do that, bull hockey, reckon, bleeding like a stuck pig, the Good Book, mad as a hornet, doodley squat, polecat, mountain out of a molehill, knee-high to a grasshopper and on and on. Even Pepsi is called Coke. Go finish middle school son. It didnt take long to pick back up on my twang. And Bless your lovely little heart, HUN! You lost the war for a reason. and. According to a friend of mine from up north, this is only said here Do what? Again this was jusntoo damn funny to not comment on. Florida was the Bread basket of the Confederacy., meaning the farms in North Florida especially, grew much needed food and other Valuables to keep us going, during the War. won the Civil War! When I switch one form or the other off, its more for convenience. *This*, in case you forgot or at the very least havent noticed, IS THE ***UNITED***!!! I rather not be A yankee. You have sun, and soft winters, we are made in the ice, where only the strong can survive. I was just visitin the north in baltimore and everywhere I went people made fun of the way I said things. We are stronger together. I pronounce it with 3 syllables, emphasis on the LAN. If Yankees have one fault, one major fault, it is this: thats not how we do it!!! Text Size:thredup ambassador program how to dress more masculine for a woman. When its cold outside, its never 30 degrees. I wanted to make sure I didnt miss any. Ugliern a mud fence Even Sam Houston himself was from Tennessee. if your talkin about route 66 you pronounce it rowt not root. You Yanks call us ignorant and racists? But my daddy drove truck. You better keep your mouth shut. But now, I don't have to give a fuck anymore. That dog wont hunt. It means that your excuse or story is not good. Tennessee is the New North. Just because we talk slow doesnt mean we are!!! Ive met many an ignorant townies in Boston or in the suburbs in MA that match the supposed drama and ignorance found in the south, and certainly the accent plays no part of that mess. 15. I dont hear that up north. Iguess no one is perfect. A number of other northerners served the Confederate cause. I would say I have the best of both worlds and consider myself a coonyank! Education, my fanny. I also find it sad that so many people who move to or visit the south are so pre-dispositioned that they cant enjoy or find the good because they do not look for the good. I have Iived in NC for 10 years and never a problem. Darn auto correct. Its northern in speech, attitudes, and politics. Most people in the south hate slavery. The females there were not as friendly and jealous and not as thoughtless. The attitude is Oh well Ill do it some other day.. Press J to jump to the feed. You are painting the canvas with a very broad brush. For example, we lived for 6 years in an area of South Carolina. I always drop the g off of words ending in ing. Atlanta, Charleston, and Savannah; Southern Louisiana; This is a lot smoother, since we'd be encouraging consistency by repeating the word "phonology". Get an education you inbred morons, we are superior to you. Add phonetic spelling. For everyone: Theres no reason to be in a power struggle over where sayings came from, how anyone pronounces words, or who is better than whom. Honestly, what do we need to know? Lessen they need a lesson or 2 bout common courtesy. There is just something delightful about the word cattywampus that I just start smiling when I hear it. Honey Boo Boo is supposedly Southern, but shes just some 6yo in Georgia that talks just like any DMV clerk in Brooklyn. Actually, the only area not only of New Jersey in general, but also of North Jersey in particular that does share that accent with NYC is Hudson County, which is across both New York Bay and the Hudson River (especially the latter) from most of the citys borough of Manhattan and across a waterway called Kill Van Kull from NYCs borough of Staten Island. Also, I dont know if Dumb as a box of rocks is only a Southern saying, but I had a college roommate from South Georgia who used it all the time. An old friend of mine always said he could tell if someone was from the south if they knew the definition of one word. mr amos sedgefield community college. You resort to guns because you cant use your fist or mind like us. Yeah Ohio is definitely Yankee its north of Kentucky theyre Yankees too, just dont say that to their faces. Unless, I dunno, you believe time travel or some shit. Born in AL, raised in TX. Preserving the Union vs. States Rights! . Pecan/ PEE-can make a grocery bill- going to the store Ive only lived here and of course have only seen the prejudice against the south and southerners. Hun if you have ya ass b kicked from the south all the way back 2 ya Yankee town/city! Its rainin like pouring piss outva boot out dere I hear it in Mississippi and also Dumb as a stump But we Suthners know whut it means. Oh, and by the way, southerners, not everybody who doesnt have a Southern accent is a Yankee. I am from here and dont feel comfortable everywhere. I know lots of highly educated, professional people with heavy accents. And for any yanks reading this callin me a betrayer or some bull, we will rise again, and this time we will win. My fathers side of the family is Southern. is Virginia southern cuz my momma is very southern and ive been raised in a southern household and with southern hospitality but many say that Virginia isnt and I will beg to differ! Unless Im mistaken, *that* school is in SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!! MD has always been sorta southernish or southern lite. There aint nobody got more n deepa southen roots then yours truly. mansa musa net worth trillion. The faster I talk, the harder my accent & I drop my gs. Once you learn it, it sticks in your brain because it's just so fun to say, but it can be quite a challenge for newcomers. Look it up!!) Another southern term Corn-bread country strong. If they stay in America, they ar still family, but ar counted as outcasts to their family and ad treated differently with less respect.Becus thay ar leevin centuries of family cultures. Try to remember that. I grew up on The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pachelbel, Gershwin, Shakespeare, Poe, Dostoevsky, Eddie Izzard and Mel Brooks. It is really very simple why there was a Civil war. You grew up in Bama? Nice Writing. Maybe only the retched southern Females are attracted to that hideous personality you just clearly advertised . I live in northwest Indiana a half hour from Chicago and my mom says dumb as a box of rocks. We have coke and Pepsi up here. Over yonder (Usually she would point because yonder are directions on where to place something or where to go if you live in the south) 4. Tight- Stingy (Especially with money) A true Southern is polite and genteel in their manner. Id put your question back to you: how would you define yourself as a Yankee? So you beat them up and burned their flag? ive never heard a person say beanie or toboggin its always been a boggin or hat down here in georgia, shit your right this aint where a yankee belongs time to get the ol double barrel out again and the south never fell its always been better than tha north. or some such. Similes and Metaphors. My Yall be barkin up the wrong tree ya lil brat. ( not all northerners are judge mental ass holes.. My spelling is immaculate, Im in all AP classes, Im nonreligious, and I just might be a hell of a lot more decent than you. Do you say "At-lAN-ta", "At-lAN-na", "At-LANna", or "At-LAN-ta? Unlike many think, in the southern counties of Kansas (in my experience) Coke, Soda, Soda-pop and yes, Pop are all used. But we beat up some ignorant skin heads at the arcade and ripped their old confederate flag off and burned it in front of them bird brain idiots. Atlanta has no ts in it. 4. Riiiight, This aint really a word so much any word that ends in ing automatically turns into in. THe reason our schools are so screwed up down here is because the federal government wanted to make it easier so the blacks could make better grades. Other relatives ( especially from ms) have thick And I have never seen snow whats its like. Three quarters of them get pregnant at sixteen, cant spell for shit, and the one out of five-hundred that think they have a lick of common sense brag that they are smart. Go to Burbon Street and look down. You know, I have a friend who moved from Wisconsin down into Alabama during middle school, and, I say this only to inform you of the facts, not to insult her, was actually behind in all classes except for our orchestra class together. So where do you hear but what used like that? The control over the largest, richest ports in the country, (New Orleans at the time), didnt have a thing to do with it. He moved here in May of 2020 thanks to a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' (AZA) White Rhino Species Survival Plan (SSP). Who the hell can understand your damned accents, either? So as long as you keep your yankee ass up north and dont come pass the mason Dixon line we all here in the south will be just fine as long as we dont see ya. are some of the roots if not THE roots of the Southern accent. Also, we would never use down in these here parts. Caddywhompus or caddycorner. Oh, and lets not forget to take things to the most extreme. Cannot seem to help myself on that! Lollygaggin- Wastin time I stutter in 5 languages, but there is always someone there to help me out, because I tried. I guess Im not as much of a lady as you, I would have had to given them a Bless your heart, you are so rude and dont even know it!!) So a lot of southern . I stopped saying it since I dont live in the south anymore, and I dont hear it here in the north. She then actually adapted to our environment and excelled in her education. @Marci and @Okie Farmer (ESPECIALLY YOU, Marci!) dixiedragon I think it must be transplanted Yankees that are trying to convince people that Texas is not a Southern State. Perhaps you could go to a Speech Therapist for help or go up to a Northern State for one year. We dont really have to deal with it. Keep reading. It's also a dish made of black-eyed peas and rice. Southerners are also infamous for operating shady businesses and ripping people off. original sound. What are the chances that he will be made to feel unwelcome just because hes form NJ? I call it southern lazy. Everyone in Sacramento and Denver loved my accent and liked to hear me talk. They teach what they want u to know in school but Im sure you can search the web or hit up the good ole fashion library. Besides, this is the internet. Fixina- About to- Fixina tap when i gawt it back, i poinid it at im, and he was a yella belly and called the cops! I am from Alabama, I for one do not say clicker or changer. The War Between the States was fought brother against brother. I am from Michigan, I say Dumb as a box of rocks another one of my favorite saying is shit or get off the pot if you are moving to slow in traffic or whatever. We tell people who are especially rude. I think her Momma and Daddy made her leave her Junior or High School and move from her ghetto in Chicago to the South so she came in mean with an attitude and got treated likewise so now she hates everyone and everything Southern. In the south we offered funeral cake, funeral casserole, etc. Maybe its because of eithers historical and/or current culture in at least some parts (of MD and even DE), but I dont think that the United States Census Bureau officially lists them as part of the South for nothing. As for racial tensions, the south has no monopoly on that, the United States for that matter nor of recent history. There arent any liberal Democrats in the South? A buggy drives on the road and occasionally gets smashed by a foot. Another southern sayin. if you dont want us judging ya yanks, then please take note: The little banjo song implying something ugly about Appalachia that yall like to emulate when I say where I am from newsflash Deliverence is based out of Georgia or SC yall so stop already. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. those dang Mosquitas are eatin me up! Of course thir dummer in the south they only believes in da baable any other lernin book, like science and what feer, to a southerner is seenonomous with kommunizm. misconfiguration and was unable to complete Log in or What does the name Esmeray mean? Im an Okie, and i hear stupid as a stump a lot.. The [shift] key is useful. How about he didnt know whether to take a crap or brush his teeth, or how about he didnt know whether to shit or go blind. Also, when describing ones former poverty situation, We didnt have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. We also use dumber than a bag of doorknobs and dumb as a box of hammers. Northwestern Nebraska (the sand hills) is a place you can drive for miles and miles and never see a soul, just long, tall grass, a windmill, or a cow. My grandfather, whos 76, said his mother used to say Ill slap you from here to Halifax [meaning Canada]! when he misbehaved as a child. ). You better keep your mouth shut. Meanin lipstick on a pig doesnt make it a lady. So, so deeply ironic that your attempt at poking fun of southerners is filled with more spelling and grammatical errors than an autistic spastic could produce with their off hand. And on the subject of orchestra, would you consider a woman who plays the viola, cello, guitar, and piano a feeble-minded individual? I also cant stand the word yall and I say you guys. Im gonna go ahead and lay somethin down nice and easy for ya. Falling out- Disagreement As do at least some heavy-set people NATIONWIDEIN THE SOUTH AND ELSEWHERE!! Theres no controlling the remote in a Southern house. dont go thinkn ya done got too big for ya own britches Sweeper: as in run the sweeper referring to the vacuum, Made: whether youre referring to a test you aced, a photo you took, or a baby you birthed, made is the verb. The Confederate Battle Flag (or the Southern Cross), did not represent the Confederate Govt, it was a flag of the military (It was never a flag of the Confederate States Govt). Listen carefully and read the comments. Fixin to: used to let your compatriot know whats up. By the way, the New York Yankees have had their share of Southern born- and/or-raised players through the decades: Mickey Mantle (from Oklahoma), Ron Guidry (Louisiana), Alex A-Rod Rodriguez (born in NYC, raised in Florida), Roger Clemens (born in Ohio, raised in Texas), Brett Gardner (Texas again, if Im not mistaken), and Andy Petitte (sp?) Im from FL just moved to GA But I have to say this Florida is the south! It is not your from the north. Put a lid on it and you might just learn something, but since its impossible to do that when making self righteous, holier than thou comments..again, this is a real Yankee thing, and its NOT what the article is about. Pronounce Atlanta in German, Random words: That stands for up there and can be used to describe anything above you. And you dont own us. No one said Coke there. But its you that is narrow-minded and ignorant. Ugly as homemade sin. Stir until all sugar is disolved, Official Subreddit for all things in and about Atlanta, Georgia, USA and the surrounding metropolitan area. Where I live someone who lives passed the Jackson or the Tupelo area in Mississippi is a Yankee. What is skift? I love the north and the south , I live in the south but have lived in the north the first half of my life . And I dont give a care whether ya like it or not. 4. Like naming a baby, picking the right name for a restaurant can trigger high-level anxiety. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. People frum Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama mostli stay thar becus home folk dont leave home. I think your right Yankees think they know everything there is to know about the Southasses go back to where you came from, Even though we are southern doesnt mean Yankees dont say these things tothough they dont drop the gs like huntin and fightin. Crowdsourced audio pronunciation dictionary for 89 languages, with meanings, synonyms, sentence usages, translations and much more. Yuns can be used for anything, including just one person. My short answer in the column was: "Well, pretty much every soft drink was created in the south, with Coke being one of the first and most famous. You obviously met someone that misrepresented the entire south. Ive met good and bad in everyone of those regions. That is how we can say the same thing as a Yankee just as fast without actually talking as fast as a yankee. We have more former Miss cant beat a southern belle, you will NEVER see a homely Miss Mississippi.and we have produced some of the most incredibly talented writers, musicians, poets, chefs(cooks;) and artists than anywhere else in the country and we love our Manning family, Jimmy Buffett, Elvis and William Faulkner, Levon Helm, The Allman Brothers, Eudora Welty and so on and so on, we are simply a very proud people.and we are not ashamed of our slang words, so Namaste yall , Well go on and get, take you ass somewheres else. I beat them so badly if they would even fight me ( took them to the wood shed). Youre even to lazy to say you all instead of Yall. Just because yall hate the north doesnt mean there are bad northerners in the world the goshdarn Yankeesthe NEW YORK Yankees, that is. Not sarcasm exactly ~ but not far off? Dag nab it Dont forget: Not everyone that lives in the south is like that though. Why do you keep blaming us for the Civil War? Those ARE American words, right? This was about southern sayings until u Yankees came and started troubletypical. Were not all judgemental, or assholes.. You will probably find grammar problems in my post and may disagree with some (or all) things Ive stated. I think theyre mostly kidding. The Great Lakes region is very Midwestern too. Plus, at least some people consider Maryland, Washington, DC and even Delaware Southern. So ya, it was about slaves and Iraq was about 911, sure thats it. Mosey. . Don't take any wooden nickels. Give you a whoppin like you aint never seen I grew up in an educated, musical family. You dont understand is a polite way of telling you to butt out. Over yonder, fixin to, Bless your heart, Pop, for Coke or Pepsi etc., I declare. I know several ladies just like me. Is it because we are below the mason Dixon? Im from CA, originally Yankee stock, and my wife is from Memphis. When you go west to KS it feels more Great Plains. Im from indiana abd i aint seen nobody more country then me. Oh and I have a college education. I have some fam. Makes sense that you guys/yall in eastern North Carolina LOVE (your) Pepsi and ask for it by name and that Pepsi would be king where you live. I say that and they wont ever leave us alone. You can tell the recent transplants on the news because they say the second T. Justin Farmer on WSB doesn't -- but then again he grew up here. Well, im from SC, but i dont say i swony. EXACTLY! 2. As Kevin says, we are all Americans. Sans Souci. I love the expressions in the south..I think its charming ! being southern is a way of life and if your a yankee I reckon you better get a move on it and leave! Bless ur hearts. She was always polite and taught me to say maam and sir and to respect my elders.

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