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Dont go in cleaning with a vengeance. Wax and grease remove the area(prep wash), and then try something like 3m swirl remover. will have to inspect mine, never even looked that closely at the chequer plate, What about tyre black or whatever it's called its like a armoral type stuff. Date: 04:41 PM Mar 30, 2019. This is great for commercial, industrial, and everyday settings. Each time I walk past the van & look at the chassis I'm amazed at how clean it is! Email: We sell full sheets, custom sizes, along with offering custom cuts. 5 Reasons To Use Aluminum Diamond Plate In Your Truck Bed. If the treadplate is black it will more than likely be powder coated. On the positive the Mothers aluminum cleaner is superior to the Autosol one I was using and slightly better than the Meguires that our son was using on his bullbar. I will be looking to maintain the original finish now with detergent and a microfibre cloth for as long as I can. If you want to use a cleaner of some sort, test it on a small patch or corner to make sure it doesnt harm the metal. It will take ages to get clean. ! A few weeks back I decided that it was time to try out the "purple polish" and settled on the shower alcove floor as a test run .. in my opinion the polished floor did not achieve a sheen any where near that of the original or pre-polish finsh. I did the checker plate first about a sqm at a time, spray on, scrub with a course scrubbing brush so you dont cut your fingers on the sharp edges then rub over with a rag soaked in the mixture, left it on for NO more than 5 minutes & then hit it with a Gerni. Wax helps the material continue to look new. Unaware of Kedron factory process but the manufacturers of the plate definitely do not treat the alloy. When we install the caravan checker plate we remove the corner edge moulds and place the checker plate under the edge moulds to ensure a quality seal and professional finish. Its sort of like washing a car regularlyyou want to preserve the paint, or in this case, the shine. Video of the Day Step 2 Allow it to dry. The original locker doors were refitted. With the acid mix the rear/back panel & locker doors came back to what I consider a very good finish considering the age & distance it has travelled & I expect once the new chequerplate weathers a little you wont be able to tell the difference. Wonder Wheels, on bare alloy metal. Wash and then rinse thoroughly right away, so you prevent staining, streaks, or water spots. 33. SWMBO says Repco. yeah mine is the same but doesn't look as bad as that. Corrosive products doesnt work so well on any kind of metal. Questions? I use my aluminium clad trike twice a week throughout the year, next to the sea, and the ali stays clean and clear - only thing I've ever found to work. 41008 $17 NATURAL WATER CHLORINE DIOXIDE TABLETS 8 X 4GRMS.COT4 $24 PREMIER ONE QUAD BRUSH HEAD. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Better still, try getting Mum to do the polishing. Our History checker plate's protective treads also help maintain its good looks and make it easy to keep clean. Wax helps the material continue to look new. Clean it properly, mask it up & get about 4 cans on 150 gram black touch up paint from an automotive outlet. If you do this regularly, you can reduce the amount of time required to clean it on a regular basis. Fishing E35 Aluminum Diamond Plate Cleaning With Carpet - Travel Trailer Conversion Just Keep On Moving How to polish checker/diamond plate step by step. How to Clean Inside the Caravan Washing Machine Step 1: Make sure the washing machine is empty Step 2: Turn on the 'Wash Cycle' for just long enough to fill the tub, then hit 'Pause' Step 3: Add 4 cups of White Vinegar to the water Step 4: Run the cycle for a few seconds to mix the water, then hit 'Pause' So far it is the best that we have found but are open to recommendations. I use a cheap kitchen crme cleaner on my alloy side bar tread plates, it brings hem up a treat. :confused: :smile: JK, what parts of SA are you visiting? Kedron Owners Group Inc. I have used a bleach soution with success. 41 Products Found. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications, indoors and outdoors. Then spread Gumption paste onto the plate, wait until it dries and buff off with dry cloth. I will be sure to keep my aluminum dry to ensure a good, long life. Not sure if you can see from photo but after washing van for the first time and with wash supplied by dealer the black check plate has faded in a number of areas. Aluminum vs Stainless Steel: Whats the Right Material for the Job? Five Bar Tread Aluminum Sheet Brite Finish, 3003 H22, Acrylic Sheet (Plexiglass) - Clear Plastic Extruded, Trailer Skin - Aluminum Sheets, Exterior Panel - Black, White, Grey & more, Stainless Steel Sheet - 304 / 430, #4, 2B, BA, Chrome, Mill and Quilted For Sale, Aluminum Diamond Plates - Treadbrite, Five Bar & Black For Sale. Its always better to buy more and return the unused than to stop halfway to get more. Van is only couple of months old. Apply a commercial aluminum cleaner or metal polishing paste for stubborn areas that don't respond to natural cleaners. It then looked really, really bad. Here is a basic guide on how to clean and maintainaluminum diamond plate for shine and durability. The cleaner is suitable for aluminium, stainless steel, steel, and also for synthetic materials and tiles.Universal application in Industrial and craft enterprises. Not too strong and a soft brush does the trick. I have been busily polishing our Keddy in readiness for its big trip next March, early start I know but once I leave here in a week I will not see it again until we come through to pick it up and go. Exploring every inch of Australia - cycling - geocaching - bushwalking. Step 1 Take the tarnish off. But I've been know to be wrong very occasionally.. Upload or insert images from URL. You must log in or register to reply here. My 90 has factory chequer plate on it but it looks like some muppet has used t cut but not wiped it off (yellow colour and dull) what is the best thing to clean chequer plate without making too shiney that it reflects in the windscreen? The aluminium chequer plate shines again. Just be sure to follow the directions to a T for best results. Would be good to see if there is a solution. Replacing a tired looking vinyl stoneguard with checker plate is a great way to modernize and improve the look of a caravan. Your email address will not be published. 51. At OzSupply Australia our Aluminium Tread Plate (or Checker Plate) is a black powder coated sheet with a regular diamond pattern on one side. We have had to use "purple" polish on our new van due to the stains acquired from much mud running,red dust and other normal use abuse . You can hire someone that polishes metal or do it yourself. You cannot paste images directly. I also consider that the polish is difficult to remove even when freshly dry which would make the job of doing the whole of the van very tedious. Being aluminium it will, of course, oxidise in air anyway and if you use something like autosol, you will find the different angles of the raised bits in the chequerplate will capture your polish as well as the aluminium residue. Feb 19, 2015. Black Checker Plate. Hard brushed are not advised to be applied, for some checker plate sheets are not hard enough. You could also possibly try some gloss clear over it first? (took me ages and a lot of scrubbing to eventually get things sorted.). So far we have tried Tyre Black (looked good but washed off with first shower of rain, WD40 (attracted dust), Nu Look Once a Year Polish (did nothing and it is still dull). Amazing results!!! Transport has no borders. 20ft Roma caravan - Mercedes Benz Sprinter - SA-based at the moment. But like cleaners, you always want to test a patch before applying to the whole sheet. Dry the material thoroughly, even if it just gets hit with a sprinkle of rain or sprinkler. The polished alluminiun came up better then the day that with picked up our topender 1 year ago.Only used elbow grease no puffing machine. You can contact the company via phone and they can send it to you on 07 4152 6416. Your link has been automatically embedded. At least with the silver some good elbow grease and a toppolish helps it to keep looking good. Keep it out of the elements, and wax it. Camco Pro-Strength Black Streak Remover 32oz. Since that revelation I have done a lot of research and find that that was totally un tru please forgive me. __________________ Procrastination, mankind's greatest labour saving device! I have tried the internet with no success. Your previous content has been restored. Required fields are marked *. Features: Slip Resistant; Convenient pre-cut and lightweight; Decorative patterns; used in situations that have high demand in anti-corrosion and oxidation. The owner chose black checker plate for the front of the caravan to minimise reflection and glare that silver checker plate can throw in the tow vehicles mirrors. Step 2: Sealing + Protection. Camping, bush walking - Happy Wife, Happy Life! You must polish or wax your vehicle caravan before . J Kelly Display as a link instead, Repeated the two steps for several times until the surface gets completely clean with neither stain nor . Dont allow water or any cleaning products to sit in the surface for a long timealways spray and wipe. December 28, 2015 in Public Forum. Protect youraluminum diamond plate whenever you can. Place the license plates in a bucket of warm, soapy water then scrub the front and back faces with a sponge. Travelling : Playing bowls. All of the black bits, incuding the plastic bits are now polished with this. Hmmm Ian probably will not be impress when he reads my credit card statement this month better take something nice back home with me eh. If the treadplate is black it will more than likely be powder coated. Paste as plain text instead, For microwaves, fridges, and other black appliances: Mix a solution of equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Then how to clean an item made of aluminum checker plate sheet? Always consider your geographic setting, whether you have more extreme weather conditions or lots of moisture. Interleaved with papers between plates. But with a Black Plastic 15mm x 15mm L shaped cover lower edge of the CP and under neath the van, there was no silicon between the top edge of the L cover and the checker plate and because of the uneven surface of the checker plate, water was rotting out his frame. The only thing I have found that seems to have any effect is Xtreme Detail Polish (Spray Polish) from Wilko's Pro Shine. RT116 $68 Hi Rick, I will be paying SupaCheap a visit in the morning to see if I can find the products you mentioned; although I get the feeling that it might be more pertinent for me to wait till Monday to check out repco first :biggrin: I was at the Kedron factory on Wednesday and they had 3 x bottles of PURPLE on the shelf. A lot of people always ask us how to clean and maintain aluminum diamond plate and its shine. The representative series of this seriesblack checker plate on caravan,checker plate en aluminium. and use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away any food stains and splatters. YouTube Reviewer. It is made into tread plates for staircases, tool boxes, flooring for elevators and wall cladding at home, shopping malls and gyms. Checker plate for your caravan is available in black and silver aluminium and our experienced team can carry out installation, usually within a day. Hi Max, great question! If you still want to try more you could wet sand it with 1500grit and then try a hand polish again (be careful on the raised edges. Therefore it is important to maintain it. I shall order a bottle for Jackie, it will give her a job when she finishes mowing. Water causes spotting and when left in direct sunlight, it can cause etching. Hi, Ive just used Meguiars Gold Class Trim Detailer from Supercheap on mine and Im very pleased with it. Thanks Tom, I am going to Kedron on Wednesday and will see if I can track down a bit more info on the pink powder. STEP 1 - THE WASH Being such a large surface area if you can use sprays and pressure washers then you will save yourself time and effort. Hear what you're all saying but Belgom Alu is what the professionals use - and it has a wax coating once buffed which protects. For fibreglass-clad RVs, you're best off using a specific fibreglass polish and wax. Step 1: Wipe Down with Vinegar and Water. As a result, it has the features of both 4000 and 5000 series. Just keep in mind that buffing and polishing takes a lot of time and effort, so set aside the right amount of time. We always recommend to NOT use harsh detergents or floor soap to cleanaluminum diamond plate. I went to kedron's today and bought a bottle of 'purple' but Tom I agree the stuff looks more like pink to me too . must be al that ba-mia-ba and wood alcohol that they fed us in the funny farm; anyway the bride has finished mowing the block today so she can start using purple tomorrow after she comes home from the market :whip: Col, thanks for the tip on oxalic acid . have bought a bottle of 10% and will be starting on the chasis shortly! I have used numerous products but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Well, we are in Melbourne at present, on a couple of weeks trip away with teh van, but normally we are in the Barossa, so if you come nearby call in! Method 1 Cleaning the Aluminum 1 Rinse the aluminum surface. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It works no better than our Mothers buffer on the checkerplate, it has an if you don't like it send it back thing on the packaging but I noticed now that they are in the USA! Yep i got a clip over the ear for that comment. We are the leading distributor ofaluminum diamond plate, aluminum sheets, stainless steel, quilted stainless steel sheets, and accessories. open to suggestions and particularly those that have been tried and have worked. In some cases, it can take more than cleaning and waxingaluminum diamond plate to get it to look new. A spray bottle of household surface cleaner is ideal. I recently had to have both sides of the van reclad at the factory to recify damage caused by erant trees on our last trip round Oz. Clear editor. Thanks for the comments and advice, I will give suggestions a crack and hope fully I get a better finish. RT9510 $79 $83 PREMIER ONE CARAVAN WASH 5LT BOTTLE $50 PREMIER ONE NON FLOW POLE. If the vinyl stone guard on your caravan is looking tired or you are looking to add protection with caravan checker plate, contact us at the RV Service Centre for a personalised quote. We have a Coromal caravan and the rubber padding on the front of the van has been damaged by stone chips. If you notice, most ambulances and firetrucks are stored inside when not in use. They are in Bundaberg Queensland. Allytech Australia's Checker Plate Sheets come in 2400mm x 1220 mm sheets. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Visit our store here to browse our products! black 90 with ali chequer nice contrast just want it clean when not muddy. Pasted as rich text. You can post now and register later. Permalink. You cannot paste images directly. Cut and polish also works, but Gumption is cheaper, and quicker. Polar Blast will loosen and suspend the storage dust and dirt. Point of post - I paid $59.95 on a Powerball for Ians drill as it came highly recommended for checkerplate - if you think of doing the same don't bother. I just use brake cleaner.. I had to get some overspray of paint off mine and used thinners. When we arrived home in Townsville the van was very dirty. The first van had a vinyl stone guard on the front of the van which we replaced with black checker plate. I liked your tip to keep your aluminum sheets dry. Has anyone had this problem. I used a normal car sponge that I used to use on my Swan. It cleaned the galvanised chassis parts to like new, the chequer plate is back to shiny and I also used it to clean red dust stains off the awning. Powered by Invision Community, Travelling this fine country full time, Surprisingly, it lasts a while. Our black checker plate on caravan are pressed aluminum sheets bearing a raised diamond pattern on one side. Paste as plain text instead, In areas that were badly stained and around areas where there were rock chips, I scrubbed lightly with a small brush before hosing off. February 5, 2011 in Public Forum. Wow, that is the best post Ive read regarding cleaning and protecting aluminum, not add a coat of Shark Hide, youre good to go! First, flush the surface with clean water, and then wipe the surface using a piece of soft cloth wet with neutral cleaning agents. E-NOX Clean removes: Limescale, annealing colours, mineral deposits, oxidation and rust. You are using an out of date browser. Faded towbar tounges. wonder wheels ally wheel cleaner, available from most halfords and car accessory places. Black Aluminum checker Plate sheet is used as scuff (kick) plates, running boards, mud flaps and more. The Checker Plate Black Collection comprises of toolboxes made from black powder-coated aluminium checker plate. Over time it has become quite dull. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Don't do what I did and use a cutting compound followed by a powdery base polish/wax product or you will be cursing and spending literally days trying to get it all off from the checker plate ridges. You must log in or register to reply here. Caravan checker plate is able to be professionally fitted to your caravan toprotect the front and sides of your van from stone chips. Like any other type of high-use metal, its important to know how to clean aluminum diamond plate to help keep it shining and working great.

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