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RV Fresh Water Tank Reads Empty When Full (Reasons and Fixes), Reasons RV Grey Water Tank Reading Full When Empty, 5 Common RV Flex Armor Problems and Their Solutions. Yes, I to like the Cummins/Allison combination for so many reasons. These Off-Road Teardrop Campers Have A Unique Sola AGM Batteriesvs Flooded Batteries: What's Be Powered by vBulletin Version 3.8.8 Beta 1, Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on iRV2, Roo II was our 04 Country Coach Allure 40'. My wife & I happened to stay at a resort in Spearfish, SD (Resort was Fantastic) that was hosting a Newell Motorhome Rally. This Newell represents one of the finest examples of a premium coach that, even by today's standards, still passes the test. He realized that he could improve Streamline and ended his trip by purchasing the motorhome division. Like Newell Coach on Facebook! And How to Do it Legally. I enjoy my 1985 vintage 29 Foretravel coach that its in my garage and always gets amazing attention whenever I have it out. That seems a little fishy to me. Is An RV Renovation Project Right For You? Way too many $$$$$$$ for my budget. Some of them that are worth discussing are floor adhesion, poor insulation, Mud wasp issue etc. Your next trip could set the standard for all future travel if done in a Newell. That is an amazing talent to know what other people are thinking. They offer a commanding view forward and to the sides, and with the exterior mirrors properly adjusted, you will always be aware of what is beside and behind you. If so don't be afraid. Do your homework on this one. It seems that the vehicle is fitted with a reversing camera which takes the guesswork out of that process. Are you mechanically inclined? Corrosion bubbles up under the bodys paint, which can be easily visible. The comfort drive on your coach is proprietary to that make and model of coach. Discuss about various topics in our community and have fun while doing so. I didn't think my statement was that argumentative! You can protect the urethane coat from scratches and blisters by treating it with a protectant layer. 1026 talking about this. 04-27-2012, 11:18 AM motorhomeguy. They need to think of the cost of the flooring too. There are no issues or problems to . we want to get to know you better. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Moreover, the interior is not fancy, expensive to maintain, and has leaks in airbags. Though it occasionally requires some investigation due to the vehicles age to determine the correct part number. Newell declares on their website that by buying a used machine from them, less than 8 years old, only a 24-month warranty is offered. And of course Newell would keep the red carpet out for you I would think. Anything dealing with the fuel systems, including tanks, shut offs, hoses, filters, pumps, etc. I have no interest in the sale, but I do feel the negativity hear his unwarranted. Perform a bubble test to find the hole in the air suspension system. So you can take help from them. The seller needs to earn their interest and ultimately the $$. No doubt they are luxurious and give proper value for money. Widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the sport, he was one of the two joint winners of the FIFA Player of the 20th Century award.. Maradona's vision, passing, ball control, and dribbling skills were combined with . In this case, you will get a cheaper Newell but a lot more value for money. However, the resale value I not as much. Owners are encouraged to bring their motorhomes to Miami for yearly service work. At 47' he is 11' longer than our 36' coach. All the answers can be found in the Newell Coach problems I discuss below. After racing around the country a couple times most FT settle down and only put 5-7K miles per year on their rigs so any high end DP should be good 200K miles or 25+ years without any major problems. My problem kept boiling down to my fear of getting one and a major component failing and I would be up the creek. The engine is ventilated out the far side. most places that say they are big rig friendly are not ready for a giganto Newell to show up. Performance Diesel (PDI) Intake/Exhaust Upgrades!! Keep in Mind: Do you know what a class a motorhome is? Including Interior Remodeling projects (large or small) and any interior related issues. The only thing that scares/ bothers me about Newell's is the wiring and trouble shooting the systems should something go wrong,but I have the same issues with precise. back at 1986 with Jeffrey. our coaches had manuals written by newell that came with the coach. That is, because of the complexity of most of he systems incorporated in them, they can get very costly to have work done on them, most systems incorporated in these coaches are the best money can buy, example: the headhunter water pump used in many of these coaches runs in the neighborhood of $1,200+. Many times manufacturers apply the second coat before drying the first coat. . How severe are these problems? The old adage about DDs used to be "Slam your finger in the refrigerator door before you get in to drive a DD". Also at this resort, were several Prevost motorHome owners there enjoying South Dakota's beautiful surroundings as were we. This coach has obviously been well maintained and it shows, replacement value would probably be leaning toward $750K. Looking along the sides of the vehicle reveals no panel damage or problems, while the trim and wheels look flawless. So get your pocketbook out if you are ready to purchase! A word of Guru Caution. . 2008 Newell P2000i 4-slide Bath & 1/2 Status: Sold Currently Offered At: $0.00 2015 Newmar LondonAire Status: Sold Currently Offered At: $0 . Although it has less storage space and a lack of updated interior, it is still a favourite. If I want to be comfortable sitting down I will sit in my recliner and watch TV. seems appropriate for it to have its own forum category. Keep me in the conversation via email. The Newell Coach problems can be overlooked as they can be easily fixed. One had shared that they come to ELKHORN every summer and have seen/experienced this type of treatment in the past as well, so it wasn't just me! There are different ways to get better information direction from our drivetrain. if there is a cool tool you want to pass on that you just had to have or that was needed to fix something on your coach, let us know. TA, Vinnie mentioned the destruction of the RV if an SOB, some other brand, which he listed, is involved in an accident. Newell. Newell became UAM's 13th men's basketball coach in 2001. I am sorry that you chose to post a desultory comment after you left. As a result, it can easily crack when it is prone to hot, dry, and dusty environments. And Ill be honest I had to search with a microscope to find this fault! There is no comparison to these coaches to those that are assembly line types. All I do know for sure is that to a man and women this group of 31 coaches, which includes 3 Prevost owners, 3 Foretravel owners, 1 Bluebird owner, and 2 Class B owners, are regular, down to earth people who would give you the shirt off your back whether, or not you owned a Newell. Getting in and out is telling me do not gain another pound. Newell Coaches was a groundbreaking company in the production of motorhomes, and the next owner of this vehicle will benefit from that lateral thinking. Newels tend to be the most expensive A motorhomes out there. 99 Save up to 5% when you buy more. Fulltiming is the resident historian. Andrew Steele, the RV-ing star has deemed the Coach the best RV now at 2022. I approached this with some trepidation but was amazed by how easy they are to maneuver. A bad pin due to corrosion at the ECU may be the reason. Yeah, napping Im a queen bed while driving down the road might be a little noisy oh, but its probably a whole lot better than trying to catch a nap on a commercial airliner and you could always sleep on the sofa in the living room if you want quieter. Each is created to the exact specifications of its new owner, utilizing high-quality, durable products from partner companies like Garrett Leather and Villa International. 2. So the air compressor doesnt start up against high pressure. Tank Treatment for us Newell "Never Flushers"! Re: 1989 Newell Motor coach. Custom designs, combined with proprietary chassis and body designs, have made Newell a leader in the luxury motorcoach world. figured we should have a dedicated place for them. I try not to interfer when I see group camping. I offer exceptional skills in program management, resource management, budgeting, and financial forecasting. The company has been crafting motor homes for half a century, and the p50 was created to honor the company's . Even our classics are big rigs, so help us out by sharing where you have been that works for your rig. Your Guide to Understanding Encore RV Resorts, The Best Good Sam Club Campgrounds in the US. Don't Miss Paradise Oaks RV Resort In Florida, The Best Mail Services For Full-Time RVers, The 10 Best Spring Break Destinations For RVers, What You Should Know About RV Towing Insurance. If you are not oriented toward doing some tracking down of air leaks and depend on Newell to do it for you, that could cost you more than a thousand dollars a year. We would have gladly helped you also.Clarke is kind, well worded, and diplomatic. Do you dream of touring the country in style like your favorite musicians? However, there are certain frequent issues that you may have with these RVs. The problem mainly includes the leak in the 120V compressorcompartment. Share your fulltiming experiences with us all. Hopefully you take the time to register and become a guru on our wonderful Newell Coaches. Your email address will not be published. We are not professional Webmasters and know enough just to get this going. Senior Member . Owning a holiday home is a tempting proposition, but it does come with drawbacks. You might wonder what these complaints are? Why Do People Put Pool Noodles on Their RV Slideouts? A Newell just like any other coach will cost a fair bit to move up and down the road. We certainly think our coaches are special, and well built. Ready to Trade his Country Coach for X3 Entertainer. Gary, who was the people who they tried to get to make the panel? After comparing all technical specifications and driving both cars it turned out that the Hyundai had every bell and whistle that the Cadillac did and drove and rode just as well. No just - Answered by a verified RV Mechanic The only way you can really know anyone, their motivations, or character is to actually walk up, shake their hand, introduce yourself and talk. It was completely inoperable and would not do any. The coaches they toured were custom motorhomes designed for customers. Larry, Every coach builder had systems that the specific implementation is proprietary. Thanks to Newell Coach for sponsoring this video!NewellCoach.comNewell Coach Youtube channel- @Newell Coach Newell Coach test drive- You can count on us for everything you. That model has now grown to be a Genesis. Oil leaks is another, head gasket replacement spring and fall due to the change in ambient temps. please tell us about you and your coach or desire for a coach. Everything You Need to Know About Camping at Zion National Park. 2008 newell motor home recall - visibility:sun/moon roof assembly problem: newell is recalling certain model year 2005-2010 motor coaches manufactured from january 2004 through july 2009, equipped with se-gi windows. The Bluebird is factory made and was never a school bus. Inventory . In addition, the entry doors are more in use because people constantly come inside and outside. However, that was a sponsored video (I couldnt help but notice). I'm moving on, life is too short! hey, since all of us spend time listening or looking or wondering about air leaks. These are Class A recreational vehicles featuring conveniences such as a full-sized refrigerator, custom wooden cabinets, and a full entertainment center. Nice older Bus , well kept , a couple questions , how old are the tires , and whats the miles , and how old are the battries , these things run up the cost , hope it finds a good home . As stated first impressions may not be what they appear to be. You can see bubble formation in the area of the leakage. New posts New media New listings New media comments New resources Latest activity. After searching for a couple of years, I bought a 91 Foretravel 36 Grand Villa near the end of 2018 a couple of hours N. of Spokane, WA. It is located between the compressor and a check valve. If you compare a Newell to a comparable Prevost you will find that one of the main differences is the number of . The entry doors are in the middle of the motorhomes to reduce the generator noise in the inner cabin. Who Owns Loki Expedition (Formerly Basecamp)? Suggestions are welcome and if we can figure out how to do them and they make sense, then we will do our best to do it. I am familiar: live full time in a 1991 Foretravel 40 Unihome. The potential cost of repairs, though, is a bit daunting. He knew others needed to go. The interior is rough, and people are reluctant to purchase them. Let's put this to bead. An issue in selling aging motor homes is there is little to no financing available. So just order the valves from Newell and replace the leaky ones. You will find the resettable fuse in the fuse panel (located right next to the engine) failing. I talked with several other NON-Newell owners at the resort and each had the same experience. I think the same for Wanderlodge. We help each other with problems and solutions and hang out and become friends. Newell is gone, but ramifications remain. In addition, the issue comes due to water damage in these areas. Share. I am sorry that happened. Every RV has minor issues, which are also present in these motorhomes, but you can select them for camping because of their high-end quality. We are also - but it's between that and a high end Monoco. It is a plastic coating that can get damaged over time, and you can see color fading issues. Are they justified? I first became acquainted with Newell coaches in the late 90's when a friend of my aunt & uncle in their motorhome club purchased a 1988 Newell 40'. The control solenoid valve will be near the cylinder that opens and closes the door. We own a 2004 Newmar DutchStar & a Newell has been on my wish list ever since I had the opportunity to see one up close. We have all been very busy with seminars, helping out others, sightseeing, ATV riding. 1 Newell Coach RV in Calabasas, CA. Rainwater comes on these surfaces because of wet shoes from outside. Suffice it to say, a new motorhome built by Newell will cost at least $2,000,000. Just thinking we appear to be the 180' difference from the motor home owners. Associate Director, PMO and Strategic Portfolio Management. You are using an out of date browser. They dug his wife out and took her to the morgue. Welcome to Newell Gurus, You are not logged in or registered. NEWELL SCHOOL | Periodic Maintenance Tips, Video on Proper Slide Operations - Watch Out. Put batteries in but leave ground cable unhooked. the adhesive bond between the glass portion of the vent panel and hinge may degrade, and the panel may detach and fall from the vehicle. Service people always seem to know where to find these parts. Just not me. RULES: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks. In This Episode: * How financial coach Keina Newell realized she had a mindset problem-plus all the ways she tried to make things work without working on her mindset* The personal practices she uses to notice her thoughts and create new ones* How her sales process and revenue has shifted since she started addressing her mindset-and the incredible financial results she's been . The current average price ranges from $1.5 million to over $5 million, all depending on the design. Sheesh 2! Get in touch with the mechanics whether they know about the availability of the parts. I am also part of the informal rally. A professional shop should be able to provide an estimate if you dont know how to fix it yourself. by owner + rvs - by owner. Most of their business exists as custom motorcoach designers. Strong record of increasing revenue and profit by improving sales effectiveness and mentoring talent. BTH takes a look. Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. The road elements like dust particles, hard structures, and dust come in contact with them and cause damage. I think there's some very nice used Newells and Prevost available, my biggest concern is the Detroit Diesel. Concur when looking at the pictures of used and new - the interiors are not to our taste. 2 Newell Coach RVs in Tulsa, OK. 1 Newell Coach RV in CORNELIUS, NC. You can see that floors near the entry door become soft and spongy because of overuse. We pair innovative design and engineering with uncompromising craftsmanship, and back it all up with the best customer service in the industry. Find a cooler place if you can to put the auto fuses inside the fuse box. But I don't since I realize some people aren't outgoing (I certainly am not) and other people may have a lot on their mind at the moment. The plastic balloons of the air suspension deteriorate over time, and the pressure on each side becomes different because of air leakage. 1 Newell Coach RV in Cadillac, MI. Beaver Contessa. Common Problems with Cruiser RV Fun Finder, Common Problems with Montana High Country. And, with their 24-hour, seven days a week service and support, Newell has positioned itself as a business that not only produces superior coaches but stands behind their product 100%. Never get under your coach without supporting with whatever is needed for its weight so it will not crush you if it drops. Do you need advice on what products to buy? I have stayed clear of diesel engines ever since i had a failure while on the road and had to deal with the crooks that enjoy that you are far from home . Today, with a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Newell has set the bar for luxury motorcoach production and service. Replace the corroded pin at ECU or the ignition circuit solenoid if they are the problem. I hope I'm not posting this in the wrong place and please excuse me if I am. The Goldenbergs set about reorganizing the factory and expanding the company's commitment to customer service. Reasons and SolutionsContinue, Common Problems with Newell Coach and the Solutions. The one thing I have learned living on the road in our coach for these past 17 months is not to "judge a book by its cover".it's the worst mistake one can make in life, and the number of people I have gotten to know, and now count as friends, on the road would have been drastically reduced. The chassis of these motorhomes high-strength steel material. Where to Find the Best RV Couch Replacements, Walmart Alternatives for Free Overnight RV Parking, Dog Camping Tents Your Pet Will Actually Love,, 45' Custom Luxury RV Walk-through | Newell Coach Luxury Motorhomes ( I have no dog in the fight, but I was curious to see who was brokering this vehicle. I purposely sought out several other Non-Newell owners that were at the park and they had they same experience. The video for this Chapter follows this colorful story of my introduction to Newell Coach and my trip to Miami, OK and includes driving footage. Most of us don't want to drive a coach that way. Best of all it's totally FREE! You cannot patch the holes in the airbags, and it is necessary to replace them for safe driving. These vehicles should be at least accorded the respect they earn. Different subject, but Jackson Brown recorded the song Nothing But Time aboard his Silver Eagle tour bus. Stiff, solid, well built and far more luxurious. Thanks for the diversion, that was a fun listen. Its job is to let off pressure when the air compressor isnt running. Many times there are parts that expensive or sometimes End of Lifed so no longer available. Heat vs. Resettable Fuses (spoiler: the fuse lost). No interior pics? Typically, a shop's repair estimate is directly relative to the vehicles initial cost. This is grossly misrepresented, the pictures show none of the damage, only the good parts. I have to admit, that one is pretty nice on the inside! Common problems with the Newell coach include a rusty frame, damaged spray paint, poor description, the soft floor near the entry door, and sun blistering on the roof surface. A place to pay tribute and recognize our friends. It also means that you will be undertaking these adventures with all of the comforts of home at your fingertips. I am sure there are other areas that I forgot, If you have a business that offers services that relate directly to our coaches (nothing else please) feel free to post what you have to offer here. Good golly people have some manners. Like rusting and corrosion, this issue is also rare but it does come up. Wayne Lee. It has an emergency helpline manned by a trained Newell service technician 24/7 to assist on the road. IMHO, and from my personal experience, believe when you buy anything used, you need to be prepared. Certainly more information is needed, about the miles, drivetrain specifics, age of the tires, function of house items, generator, etc. By Slatton's book, written in 2006. A place to share our experiences with all of us for those ways. This could easily be part of an estate sale and whoever selling it probably doesnt know a lot about the particulars of the coach. He earned . I would think that a new cornerstone is going to have all kinds of bugs to work out. Failing Resettable Fuses/Breakers From Heat: 7 Most Common Problems With Sabre 36bhq RV and Solutions, Most Common Airstream Nest Problems and Their Solutions, Most Common Open Range RV Problems and Their Solutions, 6 Common Problems with Beaver Motorhome (Solution Included), 7 Western Alpine Coach Problems You Should Know, Why My RV Furnace Blower Wont Start? I have no idea - didn't pay any attention to it. An air solenoid valve moves air at 120V. To get rid of rust, you must remove all the rust from the surface. Check out this article. You are using an out of date browser. The entire system will seem to be emptied by an air leak from the bottom of this little component. Posted By: Ivylog on 07/06/14 09:44am Harry, I think you are headed in the right direction. Most Common Open Range RV Problems are included poor brake performance, rust-prone hardware, poor plumbing, and cheap interiors that break easily are a few common, Read More Most Common Open Range RV Problems and Their SolutionsContinue, The production of Beaver Motorhomes has been closed since 2009. It is 25 yrs old. STOCK # C2885 2018 Coach House Platinum 271XL This Platinum's Super Duty chassis provides power and smoothness on the open road. Otherwise, the Newells are made with highly robust engineering and are simple to work on for most people. You can see cracks on the doors of the motorhomes because of poor paint application. RV Trader promo codes, coupons & deals, November 2022. Central NY in summer beautiful Casa Grande AZ in w, Tough crowd here a few months back, but good luck to you and your friend, Larry! Is the Thousand Trails Cabin Pass Worth It? I agree about the glitz, and you're right - that's just a personal issue for many of us. So replacing the batteries at this time would be futile as they would drain charge very quickly. Some of them can be fixed with a few tools and others require expert intervention. They (Prevost Owners) were down-to-earth and actually WAVED at everyone. Are the National Parks in Oregon Worth Visiting? Newell Coach is one of the best coaches made out there. Replace corroded ECU pin, replace ignition circuit solenoid. Encounters of the RVF Kind - Member Sightings, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Toy Hauler, Campers, RV Tech: Cellular, Internet, SAT, Audio/Visual, Maintenance, Service, Winterizing, and RV Storage, Clubs, Memberships, Insurance, Warranties, External BLOGS, Forum Posts, YouTube videos, Camping Activities, Sports, Recreation, Hobbies, Cooking, Grilling, Recipes, Eating, Drinking, Premium Parks Map Discussion. Sounds tempting, doesnt it? They have sturdy engineering with minimum complaints from users. There is no "negotiation" on price, the owners determine their price as the coach is designed. Choose a brighter color scheme for wall paints that give a unique appearance. I ended up buying a 32' 2002 Winnebago that needs a little work. Foretravel Motorcoach has crafted exceptional motorcoaches using technological innovation to develop luxurious comfort and styling. I've been to the factory and it is very impressive. Newells were very well-built stand the test of time a whole lot better the other standard issue motorhome of the day. 1.4. Most have elaborate computer system integration of TV, shades, lights, stereos, climate control and these systems can get very costly. One of the forums I read recently had pictures of an SOB that came down an exit ramp, got off the road, glanced off of a tree and rolled. Join the #1 RV Forum Today - It's Totally Free! You are a bit wrong in thinking 25000 for an overhaul if its a detroit it might be less than half that. An incorrect presentation from the company can make people worried in the end. There are several aspects of Newell coaches that make them stand alone. Skip to main content. These are battery malfunctioning, slide-out weld breaking, windshield cracking, water leaking, and some others. recreational vehicles. Let the friend sell it. We are a varied group of Newell owners, we have all purchased used models. tom. Really nice coaches. This is where a bargain may turn out to be expensive. Then again I'm VERY happy with my Entegra and can't imagine needing more in the way of amenities and comfort inside. I see plastic protective runners that are darker and I see some items that look like they would vacuum up easily just outside the shower. Newell Coaches was a groundbreaking company in the production of motorhomes, and the next owner of this vehicle will benefit from that lateral thinking. A place where you can post your own or other cool RV Blogs that you follow, RV Park and Campground clubs and memberships, Newell or Coach things the Ladies would like to share, Coaches for Sale (Please read the info in the Category description), Discussion about what to consider on buying a used Newell, Televisions, Satellite, Audio Visual Stuff, Engine and Transmission Monitoring Systems, Coach Related Service, Repair or Maintainence, Newell Coach Original Blueprints or Plans. Where you can offer or plan any type of gathering or get together. I can think of at least 3 near me that can and if I had one I would be confident taking it there knowing they have the expertise to fix any problem. Check out this article. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest so you have limited access to our community. The airbags are less durable because of their plastic balloons, which can puncture easily. They are all custom built to the owners desires. Im sure Newell is definitely not your cup of tea, but at least be kind. However if money were no object (which sadly it is! Or subscribe without commenting. Keep Your Daydream got to see several different options of Newell's custom-made coaches. Don't Miss Paradise Oaks RV Resort In Florida, The Best Mail Services For Full-Time RVers, The 10 Best Spring Break Destinations For RVers, What You Should Know About RV Towing Insurance, Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. But that combo does not seem to be available from 2000 to 2006. Application of spray paint requires more effort and care for a complete finish. Some very good friends live full time in a '96 Newell with almost 200k miles (powered by CAT). The unique thing about the Newell chassis is that its for a motorcoach. Its torque rating is recorded at 1,950 ft.-lbs. post. In my opinion, the first thing to discuss here first is the warranty condition. You can fix the issue by hiring a mechanic for servicing and deep washing after every trip. So please post when you find a great source or price on any part for our coaches. One thing you should do is have whatever RV you are thinking of buying inspected by a NRVIA certified inspector. UPDATE This Newell is surprisingly still for sale considering its fantastic condition! My wife and I have camping for 14 years, started traveling in a pull trailer and moving up to coaches, we have never experienced problems with other campers, have stayed in state and federal parks, fly by night and up scale resorts, have found people we have met to be most enjoyable to be around. The bargaining advantage is with the well informed, be it buyer or seller! fagnaml. Now, a consignment dealer wouldnt have that kind of restraint. They saw the Lamborghini orange paint scheme of the 2022 Newell Coach 1738. It provides a lot of storage in the bedroom area with a large closet for storing different things. It also features a roll-out awning that stretches between the front and rear wheel wells, offering shade on sunny days and some protection over the door on wet days. Nothing can drain them if the switch disconnects them. People love the Newell coach because of its interior space and high-quality materials. How Much Does a Thousand Trails Membership Cost? We own a 1982 Newell, and certainly don't think we are anything special. There are times when I like to be left alone and I am sure there are those who wish the same.

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