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He is still wary of a relationship with Jennifer after they are all rescued by Steve and Shane. His reaction is initially to run away from her, believing that after her experiences he is the last thing she'd need or want. Jennifer returned to Salem alone fed up with Jacks constant disappearances on walkabouts to find himself. Back in Aremid, Jude took Jennifer hostage, and Jack let him go to save Jenniferwho escaped on her own, complete with a matchbook containing the numbers to a bank account in the Cayman Islands. Their marriage hits a snag early on when Jennifer is duped by a conman named Hawk which eventually causes them to lose the majority of Jack's wealth, and puts their marriage in jeopardy, although they manage to work it out. During their years together, the pair welcomed two children, a son JJ, and a daughter Abigail. As scandal surrounded him, he bought half of The Spectator to stop the paper from blackening his name. Jack originally comes to Salem looking for Kayla Brady - who he had fallen in love with in Hawaii a few years back. Eventually, however, Jack realizes that she does need him, and he fights his own guilty demons in order to support her as she presses charges against Lawrence. Ashford joined the show in 1987 and was a regular part of the storylines until 1993. He was sentenced to life in prison. By subscribing, I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lawrence knows she isn't Katarina as he himself had had an affair with Katrina years ago, but all he wants is the VL fortune. Its been a while since Jack Deveraux has appeared on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, so newer fans can be forgiven for wondering exactly who he is. The character has been a frequent winner of Soap Opera Digest Awards, including Outstanding Villain, multiple wins for Best Love Story (with Jennifer), Best Wedding (also with Jennifer) and Outstanding Comic Performance. Jack is clearly attracted to her and attempts to throw monkey wrenches in Jennifer's budding relationship with Emilio Ramirez. Jack and Jennifer washed up on shore, made love and became engaged while the rest of the guests battled Ernesto. When Jack learned this, he broke out of prison and followed them to the Grand Canyon. He traced the source of the drugs to Afghanistan, lied to Jennifer, Abigail, and JJ Deveraux about where he was going, and snuck into the country. Jack saved her by bribing a guard to take him to the warden's office, and was paid back for it with a beating, not knowing Jennifer was hiding in his cell. The role was recast twice more over the years with Mark Valley and Steve Wilder stepping in for stints, but its Ashford who is most closely associated with the role and who took it back again in time to ring in 2019! Through the years, Jack has been involved in many storylines and has become a favorite among viewers. Then they learned that Bo Brady was looking for Hope Brady, who had disappeared, in Aremid, and joined the search. She couldn't find him and he was not in contact, except to write a blog once in a while. The two never ended up getting married, and Jennifer ended up tending bar in Ireland. Jack is plagued by guilt about what he did to Kayla, but his pride and anger causes him to keep redirecting his guilt as malice against Kayla and Steve. Jack realized that T.C. The plan went haywire when a freed harper kidnapped Kayla. Jennifer and Jack have been through more ups and downs than a roller coaster! Jack Harcourt Deveraux grew up in Washington, D.C. and was raised by Senator Harper Deveraux and his second wife, Jack's stepmother, Anjelica Deveraux. To make things worse, Abbey had developed anemia thanks to toxic waste contamination. Jack is unaware of all of this, as he had been adopted at a young age by wealthy Senator Harper Deveraux, and was raised in a life of privilege. the son of Eve's ex-husband Jack Deveraux and her old high school rival, Jennifer Horton. He raped her and had Steve beaten. In reality he had been taken prisoner once more and held at the DiMera castle in Europe. Jack speaks so highly of Kayla that Steve says it sounds it like she had been Jack's wife, not Steve's. Jack agrees to plead guilty to assault, but he maintains he was only doing it because he is being railroaded. There, to his amazement, he discovered Jennifer as she gave birth to their son. Her death and resurrection were faked with help by their circus friends. His main competition was Mickey Horton, who happened to be Melissa's adopted father. He admits his love to her and promises never to push her away again. Jenn was livid but once Jack finally returned, he was bearded and had PTSD. He works tirelessly to prove his hunch that Peter is up to no good, but Jennifer writes off Jack's claims as the pathetic schemes he had become all too known for. Jack is again presumed dead after a car accident, although his body is never found. At this point, Alice is firmly in Jack's camp as far as his relationship with Jennifer is concerned. Finally, during yet another escapade, Jennifer admits to Jack about the rape. She wants to divorce Jack, but Steve and Jo Johnson both beg her to stay with him until after his election, fearing that a divorce would ruin his image with voters. When they tried to escape the island, he was lost and thought dead once again. Jack brought Steve back to Salem where Jennifer was upset at being deceived. Details of her return are under wraps, except that she's already. Jack Deveraux is a character from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, currently portrayed by Matthew Ashford. When Stefano decided (as part of a master plan) to become a respected resident of Salem, Jennifer told him that nothing better happen to Jack, because he needed the support of the Hortons. When Jack returns he will definitely have to explain to Jennifer and his children where he's been all this time. In September 2011, a disheveled Jack mysteriously returns to Salem from overseas, looking to reconnect with his family. During this time, Stephanie Johnson is born. Jack becomes embroiled in an attempt to help Steve and Kayla when Steve's long-lost wife Marina comes to town. For most of those years, actress Melissa Reeves has played the character, whose memorable storylines. Wishing to be close to him, Jennifer applied for a job in the prison despite Jack's protests. However, Kayla's heart belonged to Jack's brother, Steve and the two ended up having an affair. Without revealing his identity, her father, Ernesto Toscano, planned a cruise to get revenge on his enemies and get the diary, inviting Jack, who took that opportunity to give Isabella the papers proving that Victor was her father. Jack and Billie tried to make the money back by getting Jack's novel published. After a few complicated months of trying to make Jennifer think Greta and he are involved while trying to make Greta think he's gay, eventually the truth comes out to Jennifer. On a tip from Jennifer's grandmother, Alice Horton, Jack learns that Jennifer is to be in Paris for the coronation of Princess Greta Von Amberg. Struggling to turn his life around and be a better man, Jack purchased controlling interest in local newspaper The Spectator, which is where he met and fell for Jennifer Horton. His contact made up the story about the "walk about" and kept up that image so that Jack's family would not know about the news story. "Days of Our Lives" fans have been watching Jack Deveraux bring life and energy to Salem since 1987. This happened just in the nick of time, for Trent and the guard had Jack pinned down and were about to kill him when they got the call to stop. When her 'father', Ernesto, invited her, Jack and several other citizens of Salem on a cruise, he sought out the truth, which Isabella finally revealed to him. Abby sees Jack in June 2016 after setting fire to her room in an attempt to get rid of Ben Weston, who was haunting her. On November 30, 2015, it was announced that Ashford would briefly return to the soap; he appeared on May 24, 2016. Eventually deciding nothing had changed, Jennifer packs up her stuff and leaves with Abby one night while Jack is away. While still an infant, Abigail is diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, caused from exposure to water from the river Jack's company had dumped chemicals in. He wrote a book about this and sought therapy from Marlena Evans and was doing well. She was trying to help a homeless pregnant girl named Sally, and the two pretended to be married to give the baby a home. Jack and Jennifer were just beginning to enjoy their married life together again, and to enjoy hosting In the House, a show that was one of Jennifer's father Bill Horton's wedding gifts to her and Jack. She was with Steve Johnson, but he pushed her towards Jack once he learned that not only was the guy suffering from Hodgkins disease but he was also his long-lost brother, Billy! The incident left him in need of a kidney transplant. Stay tuned to DAYS to see what happens next! Jack came to Salem in 1985 where he discovered he was suffering from Hodgkin's disease. He turned his back on Harper (who he found out was sterile.) Peter also made an appearance, with a shotgun in his hands and opened fire on the proceedings. Jack's health worsens and Jennifer is unable to break away from her commitment to Frankie, despite not truly being in love with him. Stefano then blackmailed a judge into pushing Jack into a murder trial. Jack hid her, until Peter found out and encouraged her to return to Aremid. Originally she refused, but he later got his hands on it. An enraged Jack confronts Kayla when she gets home, and when she couldn't deny that those pictures had been taken during their marriage, he rapes her, insisting that he is taking what is "rightfully his". Jack returned to town and moved into the house like he'd never leftuncomfortable for Jennifer and Peter, but ideal for Jack to get his wife back. Colin, however, reveals he wasn't going to take no for an answer, and threatens Jack's life unless Jennifer sleeps with him. Ashford later took a brief absence from the series from October 2003 to June 2004 where he would appear as a special guest star on One Life to Live. Sarah donned the personae in a bid to get close to him. In 2021, Jack discovers that he has another daughter named Gwendolyn "Gwen" Rizczech, from his previous relationship with Tiffany Rizczech, before he came to Salem. * Returned as a vision in 2017 to help family get through tough times. Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer Horton Deveraux (Cady McClain) leave Salem. They had a brief affair and it wasn't until they returned to Salem that they learned each other's true identities. Less than two weeks later, the night Jack wins the election, Canby confronts Jack with pictures of Kayla with Steve. Then Jack found Daniel Scott, the man Peter had hired to romance Laura. Ashford is the third actor to play in the role, and appeared regularly from 1987 through 1993 and from 2001 to 2006, with a few minor breaks in between, in . Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Friday, March 3, tease that Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) will reel over Maggie Kiriakis' (Suzanne Rogers) latest news. The duo return to Salem in spring 2006 during Jennifer and Frankie's wedding ceremony, and the brothers are reunited with their widows. Jennifer begins to entertain the idea that perhaps Jack is really, finally, changing into the kind of man she thought he was when they were married. This caused friction in their relationship, and he eventually dumped her and married Eve Donovan for her money so he could save his paper. Desperate to get his fortune back, Jack got involved in all kinds of shady scams, which frustrated Jennifer so much she took Abigail and left him. In the fall of 2011, Jack returned to Salem with the real story of where he was for a year. Lindstrom currently plays Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain on GH. Jack agrees to do one final good deed, and the two brothers return to Salem. Ashford originally joined DAYS in 1987 and has played the role on-again, off-again since that time, with a long absence between 2012 and 2018, when Jack was thought to be dead after falling down an . The legacy soap actor passed away on Nov. 11 at the age of 89. They go first to Ireland and eventually back to Salem. The entire group nearly dies, but finally makes it out and back home to Salem. With no home and no money, they accepted Bill Horton's offer to move into a house he'd owned for years. When he tried to get romantic with her, she pushed him away, calling him a rapist. Wanting Jennifer to be happy, Frankie found a cure for Jack's illness and Jack and Jennifer left for Europe together. Matthew Ashford (2001 - 2003; 2004 to - September 21 2006); March 2007 as recurring - August 15 2012; May 24, June 20, August 5; December 2017; December 28, 2018 - present). As Jack settles into town, Eve talked into him marrying her and running for Mayor against his old friend Abe. Too bad for Jack, Stefano had blackmailed a judge, and Jack was sentenced to life. When Jack agreed to pay his debts (after luring him into a high-stakes poker game), Daniel confessed his dealings with Peter to Jennifer. Jack returned to Salem December 28, 2018 with Eve Donovan at his side, at the annual New Year's Eve celebration at Doug's Place. As part of a long-standing vendetta against Bo Brady, Lawrence has Steve killed, breaking Jack's heart. Unfortunately, Jack had been counting on that moneyhe'd stolen some money from Billie Reed (who was holding it for a crime boss) to buy the Spectator back, and had to sell it to Katewho promptly fired him. Gwen despises Jack for abandoning her as a child, which is why she despises her younger sister, Abigail for getting all the attention that should have been hers after Gwen drugged Abigail in the early 2020. Jack managed to stop him by pushing him from a bell tower to his death. The two realized they had a lot in common, and even became lovers. Her trust for him sparks a warm friendship between the two and helps Jack along his path towards becoming a better person. Doing that show was fun, but I wanted to try some other things and take risks on doing primetime or movies so I went into the shower as Jack, then another actor came out," Valley stated. After Bo found her, she returned to Salem. Jennifer accepts his apologies but insists on seeing her plan through. When Jack confronted Jennifer with the truth about her husband, she refused to believe it. Jennifer Leaves Salem Cady McClain had some pretty big heels to fill when she joined Days of Our Lives. Eve hopes to gain financial support by obtaining half the profits made by Jack's book about his . He slipped away without knowing that Jennifer and Abbey were stowed away in his car. During this time, despite possible temptations on either side by Patrick Lockhart and Cassie for Jack, both manage to be one of the only couples (of many) dealing with fake dead spouses who stay true to each other. Jack has a dark family history of rape. The arrangement is initially confrontational, with Jack and Jennifer constantly verbally sparring with each other, but Jack rekindles her love for him when he rescues her after her car goes over a bridge. Billy and Steve had been placed in an orphanage by a desperate Jo because she felt sure her husband Duke would one day kill the children. Things got out of hand when she ended up marrying Lawrence Alamain (who knew her true identity) and was raped and imprisoned by him. They then discovered Peter's criminal associate Daniel Scott in the city and paid off his gambling debts in exchange for information. After Hope saved her from stripping at the Blue Note, Jack took her back to Aremid. But then he came back in the flesh as Eves date to ring in 2019, though with no memory of his past! His father, Harper Deveraux hired Kayla Brady to be Jack's nurse, and when Steve "Patch" Johnson rejected her, she agreed to marry him. He heeds his sister's advice and explains to Jennifer his "walk about" was actually a lie to investigate the opium trade in Afghanistanhe lied to protect her and the children. Jack originally came to Salem suffering from a life-threatening disease and looking for Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans). In 1994, Ashford opted not to portray Jack when the character returned home. Sonny Kiriakis is a fictional character from Days of Our Lives, an American soap opera on the NBC network. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: Sarah Is Pregnant! Jack was not with her. But it wasnt until the Cruise of Deception stranded them on a desert island that Jack and Jennifer finally consummated their relationship. He was crushed to lose her, but it left him open to marry newly rich heiress Eve Donovan in a bid to stop Lawrence from taking over The Spectator. Gabi Hernandez Played by Camila Banus. Flashbacks revealed that Jack had been revived by Kristen DiMera and Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady (dated then married) Jack's plans change when one of his hospice workers turns out to be his presumed dead brother Steve Johnson. Soaps.com is a part of Penske Media Corporation. As the daughter of Laura and Bill Horton, Jennifer has been a staple in Salem for many years. After getting his hands on the key to the treasure, all he found was Loretta's diarycontaining the secret to Isabella's paternity. In May 2004, it is revealed that Jack and all of Marlena's victims are alive and being held on a tropical island by Tony DiMera, who had faked all of the murders. Comings and Goings. Jack and Kayla later split up, and the character went on to work at the local newspaper. He is the real-life husband of Cady McClain who now assumes the role of Jennifer Deveraux on DAYS. Joseph Adams (1987) Not one to be down and out, Jack was still determined to get home to Jennifer, and escaped from the DiMera castle, trying to make his way back to Salem. A few months later he encountered an orderly who looked exactly like his long-lost brother, Steve Johnson. Hawk's partner than told Jack that the FBI was after him and he went on the run. After Jennifer was kidnapped by Dr. Henry Shah, Jack raced to her rescue and suddenly remembered their life and love together! Although multiple actors have portrayed the character in the past, "Days of Our Lives" fans widely consider Ashford as the true Jack Deveraux, and are thrilled when he's featured on the show. Many buildings were damaged, including the banquet hall where Lexie's benefit was being held. Jack is very heroic in this instance because he sacrifices his own life in order to save Abigail's. Abigail couldnt believe her mother would forgive him again, but she was grateful when her father saved her life during a series of explosions that rocked the town. It wasn't long, however, before Kayla would begin cheating on him with Steve. Newer viewers might. Played by Emmy-nominated actress Marci Miller, Abigail succumbed to her injuries as DAYS descended into a murder mystery storyline. Jennifer was crying over a movie, and Jack was teasingly imitating her. Jennifer and Abigail are both in a rage at him over his disappearance. Jennifer gives birth to a daughter, Abigail Deveraux in October 1992. They went undercover at the Blue Moon, but just as they were about to prove Peter and Jude were linked, there was a police bust. He attempted to blackmail co-partner Diana Colville into selling her other half. Jack Deveraux Issues A Threat The retrial began, and everyone figured that the charges would be dismissed because Peter was alive. Of course, Ashford later returned to reprise the role. Part of the a360media Entertainment Group.Copyright a360media 2023. Unfortunately, by the time he got word to Mickey, Trent had kidnapped Jennifer. Jack followed them with the desire to break them up but was waylaid when he met Sarah. This is, again, not the case. Meanwhile, Jack had been having a relationship with Melissa Anderson, who is so deeply in love with him that she is oblivious to his faults. That marriage was soon annulled and Jack returned to Jennifer. Lawrence sets off explosives as they try to escape through the tunnels under his villa. Over the years, Abigail has been played by several actresses. After numerous failed attempts, Jack managed to pair up with Cassie Brady, Marlena Evans and Roman Brady, and the four eventually made it back to Salem. Jennifer denounces Jack, and seeks comfort in the arms of her new husband. Jack and Abby returned to Salem while Jennifer stayed on in Europe only to be found and brought home by Bo. Before Hawk could leave Salem (with Jennifer in tow), Jack returned and convinced Hawk to admit to taking the money. Jack Deveraux Played by Matthew Ashford. and Trent searched Jennifer's home and discovered she was posing as a guard, and Jack's visitors were limited to one personhis lawyer, Mickey Horton. Jack had rescued Isabella from Bay View Sanitarium and Isabella trusts Jack completely. He has been described by others as having an astronomical IQ and has alternately claimed to have been voted "Most Likely to Win an Oscar" and "Best Dressed" in school. Burdened by guilt, he confessed to Jennifer, asked for a divorce and left town. This triggers a flashback to the rape, and she breaks free of him, slapping him and calling him a rapist. Stephanie Johnson (current) (biological niece) Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Matthew Ashford As Jack Deveraux On Days Of Our Lives 1993 Tv Old Photo 9 at the best online prices at eBay! Jack Deveraux is one of the most interesting characters on "Days of Our Lives." Primarily played by Matthew Ashford over the years, Jack arrived in Salem in the late 1980s. She finally told him that she had been raped. [3][4][5] Ashford also briefly appeared on June 20, 2016, August 5, 2016, and August 23, 2016. Her desperation got the better of her and, as she followed Jack back to Salem, she was pushed into dire straits. When "Days of Our Lives" viewers first met Jack Deveraux he was played by actor Joseph Adams. Eventually, he is able to accept full responsibility for the things he had done, and is able to (somewhat) integrate himself into the Johnson family. Ashford was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2012. Eve Donovan (annulled), Melissa Horton But Jack began having flashes of memories and when Eve sabotaged the notes to create the serum, he demanded a divorce. However, there was a great explosion that night in the tunnels underneath Salem. Realizing that she was right, he acquiesced to spare Jack. Menu. They were remarried in 2003, but later that year Jack was one of the victims of the Salem Stalker, and a grieving Jennifer was happy to learn she was pregnant with Jacks second child. Days of Our Lives alum and reality TV star Lisa Rinna is set to return to Salem to reprise her role as the feisty Billie Reed. When Harper returned to town (after having escaped from prison), Jack foiled his plan to kill Steve during his second marriage to Kayla by pushing him off the roof of the bell towerkilling him. Cameron and Jennifer were able to open the doors again and Jack pushed Abigail out. While he was in hiding, Hawk stole his money and planned to take his wife as well. She was recaptured by Steve and Harper returned to prison. Aniston was on "Days of Our Lives" on and off for 37 years. The last time Jack was seen was as a ghostly apparition that appeared to his family in 2017 to help them get through difficult periods in their lives. Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis (biological sister) Since Steve was his brother, he was a match and their mother pressured him into giving his kidney. However, fans never got to see his face. After throwing Peter out, he planned to kidnap her. Not long after, his adoptive father Harper is revealed as the Riverfront Knifer, who had been killing prostitutes because they reminded him of Kayla, whom he hated because of what she had done to Jack. Jack pulled Abby out of the fire, but it was likely an employee that she imagined was Jack. Going so far as to kidnap Jennifer on her wedding day to Emilio. Movies. Both he and his father-in-law were eventually forgiven by those they had raped, and his father-in-law even ended up marrying his victim. She still freezes up whenever he tries to get close, however. Then the doors closed and the final cables broke. Jack died after saving Abigail's life. Many of his storylines have included his relationship with Jennifer Horton, which has made up one of the soap's most popular supercouples. Soaps.com is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Joseph Kiriakis (biological nephew by adoption) When Jack stops the interlude just short of sex, Jennifer finds herself surprisingly disappointed and very confused. Meanwhile, Jennifer had returned to her old tricks of impersonating her former best friend Katerina. During this time, he also broke Isabella out of a mental institution so that he could learn about the treasure which Marina Toscao had hidden. Of course, there were other actors who portrayed the role of Jack following Ashford. Jack Deveraux is a fictional character from Days of Our Lives, an American soap opera on the NBC network, most famously played by actor Matthew Ashford since 1987. Unknown to Jennifer, during this whole time, a spy had been set right next door to her. Gwen despises Jack for abandoning her as a child, which is why she despises her younger sister, Abigail for getting all the attention that should have been hers after Gwen drugged Abigail in the early 2020. Jack ran for his father's seat in the senate against Mickey Horton, Melissa's adoptive father, using her to get to him. While in captivity, she gleaned some helpful information and leaked it to Jack. His cellmate in prison was 'Travis Malloy', a plant from Stefano DiMera. After Kayla confesses to Steve that Jack had raped her, Jack and Steve fight on a rooftop.

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