Birch Tree Entertainment Inc. (“Birch Tree”) is a distributor and producer of high quality action and martial arts films.

Birch Tree was created in 2003 by its President & CEO, Art Birzneck with the goal of becoming the “Producer’s Distributor”. Art has assembled experienced, qualified personnel who form the key management and advisory board of Birch Tree. Birch Tree specializes in high quality Martial Arts and Action films. Since its inception, Birch Tree has compiled a library of 11 feature films including Martial Arts Action co-productions Honor and The Sanctuary. Since its completion Honor has been sold in over 25 countries including the US and Canada. The Sanctuary was completed in October 2009 and has already been sold to many key countries. Birch Tree continues to expand its library through acquisitions and in-house production. Birch Tree has participated as an exhibitor in all of the major film markets since 2003 including Marche du Film (Cannes, France), American Film Market (Santa Monica, CA) and European Film Market (Berlin, Germany).