Apokalips X


Rival gangs fight for pride and ego in a world destroyed by chemical warfare.

Chemical warfare has destroyed the world leaving only a handful of teens and youngsters alive and struggling to carve out a place in society.   Three clans have control of the territory: Putih (White) headed by SRI GALA, Hitam (Black) headed by X and Tedung (Snake) headed by the nasty and conniving KALA. Each of them have their own teenage followers. But within the clans themselves, there is internal conflict – juniors keep blaming seniors for what has happened. In a power play conjured up by Tedung, Putih declares war on Hitam, though X refuses to join in the fight. They had previously agreed to a truce and X does not want to break the truce. X lost his wife, ZARA in a fight between him and KALA. Since that moment X made a vow to never fight again. X’s brothers are seething! They will be destroyed by SRI GALA if they do not do something! The love blooms between two teenagers, AMAN CHAI (X’s brother) and QIQI (SRI GALA’s daughter) makes both X and SRI GALA unhappy. This will inevitably lead the two gangs to fight again, which X has been trying to avoid.

The nightmare begins when sisters and brothers meet together in an explosive fight over the forbidden love and QIQI is severely injured. SRI GALA is furious, and goes to see PENDITA the wise man and declares to break the truce.   The Putih brotherhood starts to attack Hitam. In the meantime, Tedung comes to see Sri Gala. Tedung wants Putih to join him and fight against Hitam. For the sake of pride, Sri Gala refuses to join with the known enemy.

Tedung brothers and sisters are now in front of X’s zone and start the battle. X has no choice but to face the attack. Now the real fight begins.