PAIROTE (nicknamed “B”) is forced by the biggest mafia gang in Thailand to steal the mainframe client information data from Wealthy Bank, an international credit card company in order to save his brother TONG who has been captured, tortured and held ransom by the gang.

Things get worse when the gang attempts to silence them both, but the brothers escape. After KOVIT, the gangster boss, learns of their escape, he sends his henchmen after them. B gets shot by MAI (a former friend, now enemy) and falls from the top floor of an abandoned building to almost certain death. Tong fears the worst but discovers that B survived the fall. They decide to avenge themselves and go looking for Mai to force him to lead them into the underground world to find Kovit. They are captured and discover that the data theft was a set-up and that Kovit needed a fall guy.

Together with LITA, the wife of the President of Wealthy Bank who killed himself in the aftermath of the data theft, they escape the clutches of the underground and confront the gangsters, including Kovit and his best fighter. In a battle royale, they must fight for their lives and stop Kovit.