Contract Killers


NOCs. Agents working under non-official cover. Men and women recruited into the CIA but not listed on any government payroll. Like ghosts, it’s easy to deny that they even exist. Well trained, totally hidden, and utterly expendable.

When JANE BRADFORD (FRIDA FARRELL, Lost Colony) opens her eyes, it’s already too late. They’ve left her alive, but they’ve taken her life. Her husband is dead. Her identity stolen. She can already hear the sirens coming to take her away. The agency she’s worked for all her life now wants her dead. But why?

JIM WITKOFF (NICK MANCUSO, Total Recall 2070, Under Siege, Under Siege 2) of the CIA’s Special Activities Division monitors Jane’s arrest from afar. He’s leaked her location to the FBI – as far as they’re concerned, Jane is just another killer. S.W.A.T. is on its way. Taking her in should be routine…

Only it isn’t.

Jane soon finds herself entangled in the biggest government conspiracy in history. Framed as a murderer, hunted across oceans, her only hope is to uncover the secret she was unwittingly paid to erase. Her search propels her to the CARIBBEAN, where money laundering is easy, the guns are loose, and it’s far too easy to disappear. Once an assassin, Jane is now a mark herself, stalked by others under Witkoff’s command. The enigmatic MONOVEN (G. ANTHONY JOSEPH, JAG, The District, Eliminator) manipulates the local authorities into the game, while a second nameless asset (RHETT GILES, Alias, Lost Colony, Nip Tuck) pursues her from the ground. But proving your innocence to contract killers isn’t easy. NOCs don’t ask questions. They don’t even think. They just pull the trigger.

All in the name of plausible deniability.

Multiple Award Winner