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After the mysterious death of her undercover cop husband, a female martial artist must protect her daughter from assassins and corrupt politicians who will do anything to conceal the truth.

After an undercover police officer named Wisnu is mysteriously killed in his home, his wife, a martial arts instructor named Sarah (Dominique Diyose) teaches her daughter Marsya (Belinda Cames) martial arts to protect herself and to be prepared for any threatening situation. Despite Marsya’s lack of enthusiasm in the martial arts training, Sarah forces Marsya to continue as Marsya was too young to know the details of her father’s death.

One day, a woman named Paquita (Sarah Carter – Final Destination 2, The Vow, Dead or Alive, Falling Skies) and her gang appear and try to kill Sarah and Marsya. After narrowly escaping and now on the run, Sarah seeks he help of her husband’s best friend and partner Capt. Roy (Nino Fernandez). Sarah soon learns that it is not only Paquita and her gang who are hunting them but also a gang led by a corrupt government minister named Oscar (Tio Pakusadewo – The Raid 2, Java Heat). However, Sarah is still unclear as to why these groups want them dead.

Who can they trust? Who is out to kill them and who will help them? Caught in the middle of a massive cover-up and searching for answers, Sarah must use her combat skills to protect her daughter at all costs and uncover the truth.