The Process


An action packed story starring Ernie Reyes Jr. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I & II, Red Sonya, Surf Ninjas) Corin Nemec (Drop Zone, Operation Dumbo Drop, Fox TV’s Parker Lewis) Shishir Incocalla (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III) Ernie Reyes Sr. (Surf Ninjas) and introducing Kimo (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Pinoy (Shishir Inocalla), a martial arts champion, travels to America on a spiritual journey. Lost in this new land, Pinoy stumbles upon and saves Jesse (Ernie Reyes Jr.), a young man in trouble with The Crazy Dragons, a rival gang led by their evil leader Hitler (Corin Nemec) and his Secretary (Penthouse Pet Julie Brown) for stealing their drugs.

Jesse, impressed with Pinoy’s amazing fighting abilities, invites him to stay at his foster home. Pinoy meets the adopted street kids and the drug dealing foster parents Karen (Ann Estrada) and Danny (Ernie Reyes Sr.) a cold, self-centered martial arts expert. Together the family hides their illegal activities under the banner of religion and home.

The Crazy Dragons and their army of goons pursue Jesse and finally surround the foster home, forcing Pinoy and the members of the home to defend themselves in a battle royale featuring Kimo.

Pinoy quietly leaves the foster home. Realizing that Pinoy possesses knowledge of a spiritual process more lucrative than drugs and prostitution, the family finds Pinoy and convinces him to stay.