Trial Of Arms

Forced to infiltrate a syndicate of arms dealers to find his missing son, a disgraced Interpol agent must survive an underground fighting ritual known as the Trial of Arms.

In need of money, former elite Interpol Agent MARC BANE takes what seems like an easy job hiring out his unstoppable martial skills as a bodyguard for VIP’s visiting Paris. But the clients are less than savory and after defending French arms dealer ROLEAUX against a surprise attack, Marc is asked to accompany him to Geneva. Although he might prefer a return to obscurity, when Marc is recruited by JENSEN, a CIA agent who claims to have information on his estranged son’s whereabouts, he sees no option but to help them infiltrate the group.

But Marc soon faces more than he bargained for; he has unwittingly signed on to champion Roleaux in hand to hand combat, as a stand-in for honor duels fought between ultra-rich arms dealers for territory and bragging rights. Barely surviving his first bout, he learns that the combats may be fought to the death. Worse, he is forced into the middle of a long-term rivalry between Roleaux and enemy Russian members of the syndicate, guys who use any excuse to take a fight to the death and have little interest in honoring the results of a duel. As intrigue builds between Roleaux and the Japanese contingent led by TAKEDA, Marc begins to understand how widespread this syndicate is, and just how dangerous his mission is about to become. On the hook to provide intel to the CIA, in dutch with a the beautiful SCHAFER (his former partner at Interpol), and desperate to find his son and restore his honor, Marc soon uncovers the possibility that someone may be playing a deadly double-cross on all of them, arms dealers included.

And Marc is right in the middle of it.