Birch Tree and Astro Shaw announce slate of martial arts films


Birch Tree Entertainment and Malaysia’s Astro Shaw announce slate of martial arts action pictures

CANNES, FRANCE, May 17, 2012 – Birch Tree Entertainment and Astro Shawannounced today that they have signed an overall deal to produce and distribute a slate of martial arts action films.  Birch Tree will handle worldwide sales for Astro Shaw’s action films beginning with The CollectorApokalips X and Crash.  The Collector andApokalips X will be unveiled at this year’s Marche du Film in Cannes May 16-25.   The Collector debuts the action team of award winning director James Lee and top martial arts stuntman Sunny Pang.  Apokalips X, a post-apocalyptic action-packed film with plenty of special effects, marks the action debut of director Mamat Khalid.

The companies are in development on a further slate of martial arts action films with 3 new titles to begin production in Malaysia in 2012.  Astro Shaw will produce with Birch Tree distributing.

“Birch Tree is pleased to be working with Malaysia’s premiere production company. Malaysia has a strong tradition of action filmmaking and Birch Tree will ensure the world experiences this tradition,” stated Art Birzneck, President & CEO of Birch Tree Entertainment.  “The production resources of Astro Shaw and Birch Tree’s experience and connections in the international action marketplace will make our companies an unstoppable team.”

“Astro Shaw looks forward to working with Birch Tree Entertainment to introduce our action films to the international marketplace.  Our production team headed by Imillya Irwani will work closely with Art Birzneck to ensure that we provide the worldwide marketplace with high quality, high concept action films that appeal to the international audience,” said Gayatri Su-lin Pillai, Vice President of Astro Shaw.

The companies plan to fulfill the growing global appetite for high concept, high quality action films with international appeal evidenced by the success of action films like theOng-Bak franchise, District B13 and most recently The Raid: Redemption.

About Birch Tree Entertainment
Birch Tree Entertainment is an international film sales and production company specializing in high quality martial arts and action films

About Astro Shaw
Astro Shaw produces and distributes feature films in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and is the Malaysian production arm of Asian media giant Astro Malaysia Holdings

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